"Elevate the Game with Our Sports Hub"

Immerse in a unified sports experience with our AI-enhanced Sports Application, offering precision coaching, personalized training, and connected updates for Coaches, Players, and Parents. Elevate your journey with seamless AI integration.

Sports Key Features :


Championship Management


Attendance Geo-Fencing


Ai Custom Development Plan


Ai Nutrition Plan


Wearable devices Integration


In-body Tracking

Connecting all stakeholders !
Sport App !

The application offers advanced management of sporting tournaments and events including attendance tracking using Geo-Fencing technology and customized development plans using artificial intelligence. Integrates with wearable devices to provide precise analytics and body tracking to improve performance and predict future trends.


"Refine Your Skills with Precision"

Engage in purposeful and targeted practice sessions tailored to your sport.


Real-Time Metrics for Performance Mastery

Measure and monitor your athletic performance in real-time


Actionable Insights for Continuous Growth

"Insights for Continuous Growth"


"Coach with Precision and Insight"

Take coaching to the next level with our Sports Application. Access advanced tools for session planning, player performance analysis, and team management. From strategy development to real-time insights, empower yourself with the resources needed to lead your team to success.


"Maximize Your Performance, On and Off the Field"

Unleash your full potential as an athlete with our Sports Application. Access personalized training plans, track your performance metrics, and stay connected with your team. Elevate your game with performance analytics and collaborative features designed to enhance your overall sports experience.


"Stay Connected, Support, and Celebrate"

Keep up with your child's sports journey using our Parent features. Receive real-time updates on games, access performance reports, and stay informed about team activities. Our Sports Application brings parents closer to the action, fostering a sense of involvement and support for their young athletes.

A unique application to take action for athletes, coaches and parents

The Performs.SPORT application represents a comprehensive platform for awareness to raise the level of performance in the field of sports, as it provides measurement and analysis services to all coaches, players, and parents. You can count on SPORT as a reliable partner for success on an evolving sporting path.

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