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Performs is the most powerful Ai platform to help students, employees and athletes track their performance and help coaches, teachers and management score their teams and get attendance. With AI at the heart of the app, performance evaluation becomes a dynamic and effective experience.

Performance AI solution!

In our app,, Performance tracking AI solution is to help organizations or individuals achieve their performance goals by providing insights derived from data analytics, enabling informed decision-making, and facilitating proactive interventions.

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Sports App

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Sport App

Immerse in a unified sports experience with our AI-enhanced Sports Application, designed to enhance the journey for Coaches, Athletes, and Parents alike. Whether leading the team, on the field, or cheering from the sidelines, our application unifies everyone for a comprehensive sports journey.

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Sport App !

The application offers advanced management of sporting tournaments and events including attendance tracking using Geo-Fencing technology and customized development plans using artificial intelligence. Integrates with wearable devices to provide precise analytics and body tracking to improve performance and predict future trends.


"Refine Your Skills with Precision"

Engage in purposeful and targeted practice sessions tailored to your sport.


Real-Time Metrics for Performance Mastery

Measure and monitor your athletic performance in real-time


Actionable Insights for Continuous Growth

"Insights for Continuous Growth"

Enterprise App

Our Enterprise App is a comprehensive tool designed to elevate employee performance and streamline HR and management functions in companies. The application facilitates effective evaluation of individual and group performance, fostering alignment with company goals. Explore a new era of workplace efficiency with our AI-integrated Enterprise Solution.

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Enterprise App !

In the corporate space, the app offers multi-layered assessments and tracking of employee engagement using AI. Supports attendance management using Geo-Fencing technology, creation of automatic surveys, as well as efficient leave management.

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Enterprise App performance

Streamline and enhance collaboration between HR, Managers, and Employees with our Enterprise application, fostering a more efficient and productive work environment. Elevate your workplace dynamics with seamless integration, powered by AI for enhanced precision.

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Education App

Deliver a unique learning experience for students through our Education App, enriched with the power of Artificial Intelligence. For teachers, it offers essential tools to analyze student performance, refine curricula, and elevate classroom interaction. Seamlessly track student progress and provide effective support, unlocking the potential to achieve learning goals with precision and innovation.

Connecting all stakeholders !
Education App !

In the field of education, the application provides the creation of tests and assignments using artificial intelligence and offers automatic marking of those quizzes. Supports online study sessions, automatic attendance tracking, as well as customized development plans using advanced technology.

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