"Harness the Power of Data with Our KPI Management Solution"

Deliver a unique learning experience for students through our Education App, enriched with the power of Artificial Intelligence. For teachers, it offers essential tools to analyze student performance, refine curricula, and elevate classroom interaction. Seamlessly track student progress and provide effective support, unlocking the potential to achieve learning goals with precision and innovation.

Edu Key Features


Ai Quizzes Generation


Ai Assignments Generation


Ai Quizzes Correction


Online Sessions


Automatic Attendance Tracking


Ai Custom Development Plan

Connecting all stakeholders !
Education App !

In the field of education, the application provides the creation of quizzes and assignments using artificial intelligence, and offers automatic marking of those tests. Supports online study sessions, automatic attendance tracking, as well as customized development plans using advanced technology.


"Elevate Teaching Excellence with Our Education App"

Provide a unique learning experience to students using our educational application. For teachers, it provides the tools to analyze student performance, improve and manage curriculum, and enhance classroom interaction. Track students' progress and provide effective support to achieve learning goals.


"Your Learning Journey with Our App"

Explore a new world of learning with our Student App. Set personal goals, track academic progress, and easily interact with teachers. Make learning an enjoyable and exciting experience.


"Stay Connected and Support Your Child's Education with Our Parent App"

Through the Parent App, stay connected, monitor your child's progress, and communicate with teachers. Benefit from performance notifications and comprehensive reports to better understand how you can support your child's education.

Track performance for your academic level

Evaluate and develop your academic performance

Progress in your academic level 84%






"Edu KPI Management Solution Where AI Shapes Educational Excellence"

Empower your organization with our KPI Management Solution, seamlessly transforming data into valuable insights. Effortlessly track goals, measure performance, and enhance operational efficiency. Make strategic objectives measurable and achievable with comprehensive reports for the executive team. Elevate your performance management with AI-driven excellence.